Unforgivable Fashion Mistakes Women Wish You’d Stop Making

So, you got all the romantic lines, gestures and tricks yet, how about your fashion? There is a big impact to women on how you dress up. Well, fashion is the top means of showing or expressing one’s personality and mood. So, better give attention to your fashion statement because it will leave an impression to every woman. Through your outfit, a woman could determine your personality or might as well what type of person you are. Also, some women are very particular with their men’s outfit, especially if they are fond fashion.

Well, if you do have a lousy attire, for sure, your woman will be turned off. Also, your fashion statement must be suitable to your age and occasion. You should also have the confidence in wearing them. Here, you will discover the fashion mistakes that women will always wish that you stop making. Also, this will let you keep you away from the judgment of other people.

Awkward Golf Shirts

Though golf shirts are known to be one of the universal fashion statement for men, still, knits are not all created to be equal. Choose to wear a respectable shirt like of those made of cotton-combed crisp white. Wearing golf shirts with outrageous color will just make you look awkward.

Destructive Ungroomed Feet

You may get that stunning flip flops or gladiator sandals during your summer days but take a look on your feet. It seems like you forgot to groom your feet. This is a big turn-off. Women will hate to see those nail fungus or yellow talons, so better start grooming your feet.

Lousy Oversized Suits

Dressing up like a fourth grader with your daddy’s clothes on? Those oversized suit jacket and pants will make you look lousy. Then, as you attend to your workplace and seat on your board room, probably, this will diminish your credibility. Dressing properly, especially those who are attending board meeting must wear an outfit that is full of respect, confidence and sophistication.

Dumb Shorts

So maybe, there is a rising popularity of shorts for men’s wear. These shorts are perfectly worn during summer days yet, make sure to choose the right one according to your age and avoid those dreaded cargo shorts.


Try to look for boots that will not make you look like goths or construction workers if you are going to attend special occasions. A huge variety of boots await you that is suitable for you. You just have to go with the appropriate one.

Clunky Square-toed Shoes

It is ideal for you to stay with the classic wing-tipped shoes to avoid awkward and clunky look of square-toed shoes. Still, it is not acceptable for you to wear this and mostly, men doesn’t like wearing them.

Too Tight Shirts

If gaining a few pounds happened to you, it is good for you to invest to a newer shirt to avoid mob-revealing tops. Also, this is for your comfort.