Places Where You Didn’t Expect You Would Find Great Info about Women’s Little Secrets

There might be some time when guys are getting quite curious about the secrets a woman has. Well, discovering all those little secrets will let you realize many things that you should know about her right from the start. Then, it will be a great help on how you will make more efforts for her. Knowing her secrets will allow you to change the way you treat her for the better. Yet, how would you able to know their secret if they are so quiet about it? Of course, it will be a bit awkward for them to tell you these things, so it is your job to discover it.

Here, you will learn unexpected places where you can discover about women’s little secrets. So, better know them so that you can pass by these places or drop by it. This will provide exciting discoveries for you to treat your woman better and show more effort to let her feel appreciated.


While you are riding a taxi, there might an instance that she will get bored, so they tend to talk to you about random things just to kill the boredom. When that time comes, it is ideal for you to listen to her attentively in order for you to get a few glances about her secret. Actually, I will write a post about a very interesting story of one of my friends who used to work as a driver at this taxi company in New York.


Though this place is tend to be a quiet place, yet, this is a perfect spot for you to discover their loud secrets. While you are together in a library, silently reading and everything, take a moment to talk to her in a voice that only the two of you could hear. Then, start a conversation about the books she is interested of. With that, you will be able to get to know more about her. If you were not able to talk to her, just make a simple glance for you to learn about the gestures she is up to while reading a book.


So, this is a perfect place for you to discover in what way a woman wanted to be treated. When it comes to romantic gestures and acts, women are still so much fond of chivalry. They will always love to see that their men opening the door or pulling out a chair for them.



Through travelling, you will have so much time for yourselves and also, for you to know about her hidden interests or secrets. You will be having trip in an airplane for a long time and so, the tendency is, she will fall asleep. While she is sleeping, you will learn about her mannerisms and what are her reactions when she woke up.


This is one of the best spot for girls. This is where they find their favorite bags, shoes, accessories and everything that makes them feel excited and happy. Also, it is a perfect place for you to learn more about her favorite stuffs and secrets.